Mergui Archipelago

Located in the extreme south of the country on the coast of an island in the Andaman Sea, that the archipelago comprises over 800 charming islands most of which have never been affected by tourist activities is not only a fascinating place for pure scenery but for its Sea Gypsies who are nationally famous as Born Divers as they have accustomed to the nature, they can hold their breath for much longer than most humans can.

Its highlights include a variety of adventurous activities from hiking through tropical valleys to kayaking through mangroves and up rivers options are limitless. And on the island is a huge range of diverse wildlife from monitor lizards, pythons to horn bills and emerald doves. And a number of beautiful islands:

Lampi Island: the most famous island among its counterparts for its rich wildlife, untouched nature and clean water.

115 Island: perfect white powder sand and a fantastic place for hiking and jungle trekking through the rain forest.

Nyaung Wee Island: host to a number of Moken village this area gives you the opportunity to talk to the locals and find out their unique culture.

Myauk Ni Island: an island where you can meet and chat with the Salon, Sea Gypsies.

On Feb 16, Salon Festival is celebrated to promote their ways of life and that of Mergui Archipelago as a tourist destination.