Chin State

Entering into the tourism spotlight in the recent years, the State has been entitled to multiple development projects and tourism investments. And after the recent Cyclone Komen and torrential hit, the statistics have come out and the Chins were the hardest hit with MMK 132,560 (USD 115) worth of loss per person, Asia Green Development and Japan are undergoing a three-year project to rebuild infrastructure in the State. Apart from the recent adverse overwhelms, the land has still remained green and quiet bringing peace of mind and tranquility to visitors coming for a local engagement or an intact with nature. The State additionally serves as a wonderful place for cultural exploration with the incredible Mt. Victoria, the highest mountain in the State presenting an adventurous hike opportunity and different ethnic villages atop and amidst the mountains with a picturesque mountain backdrop. Living in the wild, but embracing friendly smiles, Chins are one of the warmest people to come across.